About The Kennel

Red Door Kennel

Nestled in the country in Onalaska, Washington, it’s a great place for our puppies to run and play and they love the river in the summertime. Our dogs are our pets and passion. They enjoy playing chase in the backyard or just lounging on the couch with us.  They are more than our pets they are a big part of our lives, our companions. They love the extra attention when being groomed and held. They are healthy and happy because that’s the way we care for them. Only the best of everything.

Our dogs and puppies are fed only the highest quality all natural food. 


About Us

Ed. and Lisa have had dogs their entire lives. When they had children they knew that dogs would be a part of the family. With an “empty nest”, their dogs are like children to them.

 They all love their  time together. 

Ed and Lisa


About the Breed


The Maltichon is an amazing combination of purebred Maltese and purebred Bichon Frise. They are very friendly, gentle and affectionate. Due to their high intelligence they are very easy to train. They love to travel and be with you as much as possible but are also very good at entertaining themselves. Maltichons are hypo-allergenic and non-shedding, therefore they are considered a perfect match for those who suffer with allergies. They are not a “yappy” dog like some other small breeds, but do let you know when someone is around. Our Maltichon average 8-14 lbs when full grown. With a happy-go-lucky temperament and wagging tail, the Maltichon is an excellent choice for a pet.

The Maltichon is exceptionally social and do well with children and other pets.